New Baby?

There’s nothing more exciting than preparing for an impending arrival of a newborn.  Having been through this 21 months ago I thought I’d share my tips for creating the perfect nursery on a budget!

My first tip is this re-use (or upcyle as we now call it) old furniture. If you are lucky enough to have such frugal parents that they saved your cot (thanks mum!) then all you need to invest in is a new mattress and some paint! I used Farrow and Ball’s “Tallow” a lovely vanilla cream colour. I then decided to paint an old pine chest of drawers to match this and use as a changing table. The new ones are so expensive and you really don’t need it, a chest of drawers will serve your offspring for years to come and can always be repainted when they decide they want to create their own scheme!

If you have a larger budget than a shoestring then you may want to invest in some beautiful hand made wooden furniture such as a chair or toybox which can be personalised and is still very reasonable.

A local company Its Childsplay do just this. They also have a great selection of old-fashioned toys which I love compared to all the plastic you normally get!

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UK based interior designer and blogger Rachel Davies founded Spinriver Design in 2009 working in the UK and Europe with private clients. Previously working for ESPA International spa Designers Rachel loves to create timeless elegant designs whether they are Boho, Farmhouse, Country or Coastal.

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