Splash Out On a New Pool!

Multicoloured Glass Mosaic
Multicoloured Glass Mosaic from Acorn Tiles
Swimming pools are made of four basic components the tank, the circulation system, the filtration system and the chemical treatment system. Commercial swimming pools are generally made of reinforced concrete to BS8007 which requires that the tank is watertight when constructed rather than relying on waterproof finishes after construction.

Finishes and lighting really make a huge difference to the look and feel of a more luxurious spa pool. For example underwater lighting using fibre optics or LEDs are effective. Architectural features such as coffered ceilings, rafts or uplighting textured walls can really dramatically change the mood of a pool surround lifting the appeal to a new level rather than the more utilitarian approach so often used.

There are some beautiful tiles to choose from to finish your pool in style one of my favourites is this eyecatching Basalt and Glass mosaic below from Acorn Tiles at £69.95 per metre exluding VAT and delivery as well as the top image featuring the Multicoloured Metallic Glass Mosaic at £92.65 a square metre.

Barr and Wray are the leading commercial pool consultants in the UK (they’ve done the Paralympic Pool at the Olympics recently) – I had the pleasure of working with them with ESPA and it is worth visiting their site to see some of the wonderful spa pools and custom shower experiences they’ve helped to create.



Basalt and Glass Mosaic Tiles
Basalt and Glass Mosaic Tiles from Acorn Tiles


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