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“I believe good design enhances your life and that is my goal through all the spaces I have the privilege of designing for you.”


I’m  lucky enough to have lived in Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire as a child, moving house became an exciting part of my life and looking at “new” houses was the best bit!

My passion for interior design and intrigue in patterns and fabrics started at a young age I used to make houses in plan from lying down dominoes rather than play them traditionally. My interest piqued particularly when I visited the Palace of Versailles aged 9 on a French Exchange week.

As a teenager I was heavily influenced through books by the teachings of sacred space thought leaders such as Denise Linn and Karen Kingston, I also enjoyed many family holidays across  Europe  including Italy which particularly inspired me with its beauty.

During work experience at school I chose to work in a local interior furnishings store where I got my first Saturday job at 15 – here my knowledge of all the styles of the key fabric houses was built up. I also helped make up the window treatments in the back room. Keen on sewing I used to take home the old fabric books and make cushions with them on my Victorian Singer Sewing machine (very eco you know no electric just a cast iron treadle! 🙂

My travels over recent years with my family have been to California and Bali where I’ve soaked up more about wellness trends and space clearing techniques.


Eventually  I went on to Farnham College of Art and Design (part of Surrey University) to read my BA Hons degree in Interior Design.

I gained commercial experience and my prestigious APMP project management qualification  at Nationwide Building Society on their Head Office Design Team working on UK wide branch refurbishments on their property portfolio, across two programmes.

After this I enjoyed working in the luxury international hospitality sector with renowned skincare and luxury spa designers ESPA International. This headquarters was based in Farnham, Surrey and closely led by spa guru Susan Harmsworth MBE.

I worked on prestigious global 5 star projects at ESPA with leading 5 star hotel chains and even trained as a Spa Therapist with ESPA to better  understand the industry I was designing for.



Establishing my freelance business in Cornwall I then moved from Cornwall to Exeter in 2019. I now bring my latest design services through Spinriver Design infusing Feng Shui teachings from hit movie “The Secret’s”  Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond, with personal sacred space alignment and wellness knowledge throughout the South West.  As well as studying Feng Shui I’m also studying to be a Personal Trainer to enhance my depth of knowledge within wellness

I can work with clients anywhere in the world now for more information email




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Rachel can be contacted for consultations by email on or on 07786 674 584


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