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PassiveHaus Darmstadt, Germany
PassiveHaus Darmstadt, Germany

Passivhaus is the fastest growing energy standard in the world.

It’s objectives are to be super thermally efficient and airtight and to provide excellent air quality through mechanical ventilation known as MHVR (Mechanical Heat and Ventialation Recovery). The Passivhaus is so efficient that it’s temperature will not drop below 16 degrees centigrade without heating during the winter months. Impressive stuff, can you imagine living in a house that doesn’t rely on a central heating system? No more ugly radiators under windows – floor to ceiling triple glazed windows flooding your house with natural daylight. How uplifiting!  Instead heat is gained through heat recovery from various sources such as electrical appliances which put out heat like the fridge TV or even the shower. Heating is also partly powered by solar gain (this is the UK!) and renewable energy particularly for heating water.

What all this means as well is that your energy bills are dramatically reduced and lets face it that’s music to our ears in today’s climate! : )


UK based interior designer and blogger Rachel Davies founded Spinriver Design in 2009 working in the UK and Europe with private clients.

Blogging from her website as Pinterior Design with a strong following on Pinterest she gives insights to the online community on how to develop their modern home.

Previously working for ESPA International spa Designers Rachel loves to create timeless elegant designs whether they are Boho, Farmhouse, Country or Coastal.

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