The Roaring 1920’s

Musee de la Mer at Biarritz, France
Art Deco - Musee de la Mer at Biarritz, France


My favourite decade is the glamorous 1920’s. Both today’s number one luxury brands Gucci and Chanel were developed from this era (Gucci was originally horse leathers bags at this stage!). It was a time of incredible transformation with the emancipation of women and the flappers. Fashion evolved as media began develop, with what was in the fashion newspapers. I even own some of these original newspapers which I found in a Parisian flee market when I was a young girl.  The Art Deco style was born and is still incredibly chic today. The Swiss born French architect Le Corbusier published his “Toward An Architecture”  essay influencing the Modern Movement and architecture for good.  Lloyd Loom furniture constructed from twisted paper and steel wire on a beech frame became fashionable in this era and is still an extremely popular look today, the originals can sometimes be picked up in charity shops or antiques shops, the chairs being popular for bathrooms.

One incredible 1920’s antiques shop which is renowned for their collection of Art Deco furniture and accessories worldwide is “La Belle” in Redruth, which as I’m taking a trip to Redruth today I will get to browse around!

What’s your favourite era and why, I’d love to hear from you!


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