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3 Simple Products to Help Reduce Plastic at Home

Reducing plastic waste at home

As lockdown causes a frenzy of handwashing across the nation its led me to notice how often I’m throwing away single use plastic like handsoap containers. Handwashing has caused a lot of dry hands too so more handcream is definately needed to keep skin from becoming sore in this house!

I’ve been looking for products to help reduce plastic use at home easily and at reasonable cost.

One simple change is using a refillable handsoap container and buying refill soap.

But where do I get the refill from I hear you ask ?

I know I get it.

I’ve walked past plenty of fancy looking boutiques full of sustainable refill products that costs a small fortune so much so I don’t even want to go in.

Flexible ordering

Well guess what – you can order all the products I’m going to show you online in one place. And what’s more you can even set it to deliver routinely instead of one off, if you know you need more. So it takes away the stress of running out of anything. (loo roll anyone? eye roll)

This also means you can easily manage how long you use it for without a single note in your planner! How cool is that?

So here goes these are my tips on products to get started.

Reusable dispensers

  1. Reusable glass dispenser – this comes in either clear or amber glass (pictured). Use the Amber glass with products requiring UV protection such as haircair products or clear glass for general soap. Priced at £5.95 with generous 500ml (half a litre) capacity.
Amber glass handsoap dispenser 500ml

Plastic free food stoarge

2. Beeswax food wraps – such a pretty alternative to cling wrap or sandwich bags. Use these to either wrap sandwiches, wrap pieces of food such as cheese or cover dishes of food before popping into the fridge.

Food keeps fresher for longer with these wraps and this large pack is currently £30.

There are smaller packs if you prefer but do bear in mind delivery is free over £40.

Beeswax food wraps

Recylced plastic toothbrush heads

Oral B compatible recycled plastic toothbrush heads

3. Recyclable plastic toothbrush heads – I absolutely love my electric toothbrush and could not switch back to a manual one after all these years. So to find these is a real win for me only £9.99 for a pack with two!

If you are not a fan of electric versions they also offer traditional wooden toothbrushes too.

I’m really excited to bring these products from the Bower Collective to your attention. It’s a brand that has great ethical and sustainable based values. To read all about these values go to the”The Bower Standard” just click the logo below.

Let me hear your thoughts?

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you found this blogpost useful or there are any other sustainable products you’re looking for?

I include affiliate links in this blog for your convenience; should you wish to purchase. As an affiliate I do benefit from a small commission on products you purchase; which is at no further cost to you as if you bought directly. I don’t get paid for my blog posts so this helps me to continue this blog and share great content with you going forward.

As a micro business you support is greatly appreciated!

Best wishes

Rachel Xx

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