We offer high quality interior design and property staging solutions to the whole of Devon and Cornwall. Clients often turn to us when they have not got the design they wanted from their architects plans. We can turn around plans very quickly meaning there is not a delay to works on site.

Hotel Design, Spa Design, Resort Design, Holiday Homes Design

Specialists in hotel design, spa design, resort design and holiday homes design- we take great care to pay attention to your scope, budget and timescales. Our high quality service is personal and tailored to your needs ensuring we create desirable destinations that increase booking rates with beautiful yet cost effective interiors.

Custom Soft Furnishings

Custom solutions may be provided such as cabinetry and soft furnishings and we install these across Devon and Cornwall too.

Client Design Portal

A dedicated online design portal means that all your project drawings and info are stored in one convenient place. They can be accessed at any time by you on a desktop or a mobile phone. This means if you are out and want to shop for an item you can check it against your phone quickly to see if it fits the design scheme.

Staging For Sale , Dress My Home

We also offer Staging for Sale. Whether you are an investor with an HMO or you are planning to dress your house to sell it we help you maximise your Return on Investment with our professional styling.

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