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Last week I met with a lady called Cara Wilde to discuss Sacred Geometry. Cara is a Channel and works with energy in many different ways such as Reiki and EFT as well as channelling her guides.

We are both interested in Sacred Geometry and how it may help people at an energetic level. Sacred Geometry is a huge subject one that has always fascinated me.  It’s principles are derived from numbers which man has related time and space to based on our relationship to the natural world, to the sun, moon, stars, planets and earth around us.  In fact the Imperial system of measurement used in the US today and formerly used in the UK has direct connections with these relationships.  Changing to the metric system losing feet and inches and using metres centimetres and  has lost that Sacred connection to the Universe. However we still largely use miles instead of kilometres curiously!

If you are interested in finding out in more depth about Sacred Geometry I recommend Sacred Geometry International with Randall Carlson, I’m still working my way through the videos here which are packed with information on ancient cultures and divine wisdom.

Let me know if you enjoy these videos…I’d love to hear your thoughts just comment in the box below!

Find Cara’s Lightworkers Revolution website here:


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