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Should I Stage All Rooms of My Property For a Better Price?

“But I only want to stage 3-5 rooms as I don’t think I need to stage all the rooms?”

This is a common query owners often have – do I really need to stage all the rooms? You are worrying about expenditure, but it is always best to stage the whole property for best effect. You are selling a whole property, you wouldn’t decorate have of it and then stop would you? When you leave out rooms from staging you are effectively neglecting a space. This is then communicated to your potential buyers as “this wasn’t worth staging” or “this space isn’t valued by the owner”. This is not the message you want to convey. Even the smallest styling tricks can transform a space and make photos pop.

In the UK 33% of agents express that Home Staging raised offers from 11-15% in the Home Staging Association Report of November 2021 last year.

Now why would you want to lessen your chance of an uplift like that? Property staging adds value and it’s an investment so that is why you shouldn’t skimp on leaving out rooms. When we stage properties we price for the whole property as it just isn’t a professional approach to take to stage only part. Each and every space is valuable and you want to convey that in your presentation of your property.

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UK based interior designer and blogger Rachel Davies founded Spinriver Design in 2009 working in the UK and Europe with private clients. Previously working for ESPA International spa Designers Rachel loves to create timeless elegant designs whether they are Boho, Farmhouse, Country or Coastal.

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