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Now Open Spinriver Studio on Teachable!

I’m super excited to have launched an online course at Spinriver Studio, my virtual online interior design school. The course is called;

“Interior Design Trade Secrets Learn the 3C’s You Must Do Before Any Design Project.

This mini-course is for interior design enthusiasts who are keen to approach their home design project in a professional way. You can be use it for any room in your house so you will get plenty of use from it as it can be used again and again.

In just 3 easy stages I guide you through my 3″C’s,” which you must do before jumping into a design project. It’s all too easy to spend hours researching and pinning or going on a tangent.

With this course you know you won’t waste time or leave important steps out.

You can easily complete the course in 5-7 days at a steady pace. The introduction gives you a list of what you’ll use in the mini course.

You get 3 easy stages to complete with the 3C’s and you get printables for each stage to keep everything organised.

Spinriver Studio and it’s where I’m hosting all my future online courses. In fact the next one is already part written. It will be my signature programme, showing you how to find your interior design style!

Please let me know in the comments what you’d like to learn and I’d love to get creating more courses for you!

Find my new online course and school here on Teachable. You don’t need to able to draw or use any software to take the course I’ve kept it really simple.

Best wishes

Rachel Xx


UK based interior designer and blogger Rachel Davies founded Spinriver Design in 2009 working in the UK and Europe with private clients.

Blogging from her website as Pinterior Design with a strong following on Pinterest she gives insights to the online community on how to develop their modern home.

Previously working for ESPA International spa Designers Rachel loves to create timeless elegant designs whether they are Boho, Farmhouse, Country or Coastal.

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