New Decade New House!

A typical Redrow “Heritage” collection house

This month has flown by and a lot has happened since my last post in September.

I’ve been working on a project in Portugal for design of some bathrooms in a holiday villa. It finishes soon and I’m very excited to be able to reveal some photos of in future.

I’m also planning a big move soon and have been house hunting – one of my favourite things looking at showhouses. We’ve sold our house and now plan to move to somewhere close to Exeter in Devon still.

The house we have our eye on is a new build Redrow house. Having lived in a new build before it’s interesting to compare the process with our previous experience of buying a CG Fry house in Cornwall on the Duchy of Cornwall estate in Tregunnel Hill. CG Fry built the original Duchy Estate at Poundbury near Dorchester – something we studied in my interior design degree as an example of sustainable housing in the post-modern style by Prince Charles’ architect Leon Cryer. The same post-modern apporach was used by Leon Cryer whom developed a pattern book for the Newquay site. Today they continue to build further “Duchy” houses at the Nansledan estate in Newquay.

Redrow are a large housebuilder and have a very neat system with an online portal where all your plot’s information is stored. It is also where you can reserve, stores the documents and shows the build progress.

This is very convenient to be able to access when you want to check something out!

The Redrow Portal

One advantage of Redrow is the style of their “Heritage” range of houses. I find this very appealing being in the Arts and Crafts style. The exterior of the houses looks very good quality and has a classic feel.

Have you bought a new build? How did you find it? I’d love to hear from you?

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