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Four Reasons A Branded Entrance Mat Will Improve Your Customer’s First Impressions

Branded Door Entrance Mat
Branded Door Entrance Mat






If clients or customers visit you at premises, it’s crucial you make their first impression positive

Whether they are entering your shop or your reception, that moment a customer steps into your domain can set the scene for the remainder of their experience.

So whilst your premises are your territory, you need to do what you can to set the right ambiance, create the right atmosphere and evoke the appropriate tone. After all, this can have a significant impact on any interaction that takes place.

As a business owner you can influence that first impression with the décor, arrangement of furniture and even something as simple as your entrance mat.

Here are five reasons why your entrance mat is important…

  1. Create a pause: When a visitor enters your building, a mat will cause them to pause and wipe their feet. In that brief moment, many visitors will look down at their feet and take in their surroundings, and whilst doing so they will make assumptions and judgements about their environment. As a business owner, you can use this pause to your advantage. If you have a branded entrance mat that contains your logo, company colours and perhaps even a welcome message, you can promote brand identify and subtly link the building to your business.
  2. Brand identity: Your brand identity is made up of the visual elements of your business that allow it to be recognised and distinguished by your customers. It includes things like your logo, name, colours and font style. As you know, having an identity for your business that customers instantly recognise is a big competitive advantage. Therefore it makes sense to capitalise upon every opportunity that allows customers to mentally connect your products and services with your brand. An entrance mat with your company identity that customers are going to stand on, presents another opportunity for you to use to build that recognition.
  3.   Clean and tidy: A mat will make it far easier to keep your entrance clean. That’s because a hardwearing mat will trap the moisture, dirt and soil found on your visitor’s shoes and prevent it being spread over the entrance area and further into the building. Imagine the negative impression a wet, dirty floor could make. In addition to being a heath and safety hazard it could risk your customer concluding appearance isn’t really that important to you and could negatively influence their perception of your brand.
  4. Professionalism:  As a business you want to communicate professionalism to your customers. A quality entrance mat can help convey that impression to your visitors by ensuring your premises look presentable, tidy and clean.

So whilst your entrance mat is a functional tool to help keep your premises safe and hygienic, it can do so much more. And so if you’re serious about taking control of the impression your customers and visitors form when they enter your building, the entrance mat is a powerful tool you can use to build your brand identity and communicate that all important positive first impression.

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