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Boho Macramé Wallhangings & Earrings by Jungle Drifter

Love colourful boho macramé, wall hangings or earrings? Then you are going to love Jungle Drifter based in Exeter. It’s run by my friend from the school run the lovely Sam pictured here! Designer Sam is also a painter and decorator and founder of Jungle Drifter here on ETSY. She makes fantastic macramé wallhangings as well as the most eye catching macramé jewellery.

Jungle Drifter Macramé Wall-hangings and Earrings

Add a little colour into your stride…

Jungle Drifter Earrings

As a painter and decorator Sam has a natural flair for colour and texture and it certainly translates in her designs. Her boho earring designs feature on trend rainbows, cacti and hearts, perfect for that summer festival vibe. As well as being handcrafted by Sam, they are made from lovely natural materials.

Rainbow earrings from Jungle Drifter
Heart earrings from Jungle Drifter

Boho Wallhangings

If you are putting together a boho living room or bedroom for yourself or your children then take a look at her wall-hangings for on her ETSY store too! All her products come with free delivery in the UK.

“Chakra” Rainbow Wallhanging by Jungle Drifter

The Jungle Drifter Story

Jungle Drifter – Sam

So how did Jungle Drifter start?

Sam “Jungle Drifter came about when I was pregnant with my first child a few years back and I could no longer climb up the ladder with my forever growing bump. I was drawn to driftwood and yarn and loved draping all the colourful textures off my latest driftwood finds from the beach.

I started making them for friends and family and soon had commissions coming through.

Over the years I have evolved into using hemprope along with my forever growing yarn collection to create these beautiful macramé wallhangings and cactuses.

This led me into making mini versions of these as earrings – which means you can add a little piece of colour into your daily stride.”

Find Jungle Drifter ETSY Store

I think this is an ESTY shop to favourite – perfect for gifts too!

Find her store named “Jungledrifter” here.

Let me know if you buy any of her products – I’d love to share your photos on my Pinterest boards and see your styling?

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