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Are you excited for the shops to be opening after this long lockdown? My 2 daughters are but I don’t think they quite get that it won’t be like before.

I tried to explain it won’t be easy to browse shops anymore looking for toys or clothes. There will almost certainly be lots of queues and waiting around just to get to a till. : (

In my city of Exeter it seems there’s a one way system that’s been suggested on the pavements with each side of the road going a different direction.

Local shops

Not sure how that works in practice but hey we’ll see I guess!

Free Hacks to Find Your Style

Online shopping is something we’re all using more. That’s why I’m now looking for online retailers that can give you a more personal service when you’re shopping.

One that I’ve found is have 2 great things about their website which are free to use.

Find My Style Quiz

The first is the Find Your style quiz. You’ll spend a couple of minutes selecting images you like and by the a few clicks of your mouse you get a prediction of your interior design style.

Find Your Interior Design Style Quiz

Simple eh? They then conveniently suggest a selection of products based on your style! One picture I loved is this hanging chair. Adore the cushion too!

Hanging Chair

Virtual Designer

The other neat thing they offer is a Virtual Design service where you can put in your room measurements and windows and instantly have your whole room modelled up in 3D. The room scheme is created for you free on the screen where you have the furniture and accessories placed inside your virtual room.

Shop the Sale

Of course if you know your style already then the wait’s over – the summer sale is here!

With up to 40% off a huge range of products it’s time to take advantage of some guilt-free shopping…

2 Hacks to find your interior design style now!

Now there’s no need to feel any pressure to be in the queues at the shops on the high street!

Now go and enjoy designing your happy place!

Rachel Xx

This article contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you wish to purchase I make a small commission which does not affect the price you pay. I do not get paid for posts other than this. As a microbusiness your support is really appreciated!


UK based interior designer and blogger Rachel Davies founded Spinriver Design in 2009 working in the UK and Europe with private clients.

Blogging from her website as Pinterior Design with a strong following on Pinterest she gives insights to the online community on how to develop their modern home.

Previously working for ESPA International spa Designers Rachel loves to create timeless elegant designs whether they are Boho, Farmhouse, Country or Coastal.

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