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How to Best Prepare to Dress My House for Sale

Tips to Prepare Your House

These are some tips for your to prepare your to dress your house for sale. This ensures you get the best price possible.

  1. De-clutter – clear out, sell, donate or simply store your pieces of furniture you don’t need. When staging a house you are simply trying to create an impression. You do not need all the furniture that you have to live within it. Ensure that you can enter the hall free of unnecessary furniture and accessories and create a feeling of calm as they enter.
  2. De-personalise your space – remove personal photos, antiques, collections and souvenirs. These items are most likely not going to enhance the appeal of your home to potential buyers. Think modern clean lines and you are on the right track.
  3. Deep clean -now you’ve moved all the items out that aren’t needed. These could be children’s toys, pet accessories, personal photos. Next you need to have a really good clean and ensure your property is sparkling. Don’t forget the windows inside and out!
  4. Fix anything which is broken and ensure all fittings such as lightbulbs are present and work. You may not notice the squeaking back door you’ve lived with for 5 years but your buyers will. Don’t let anything rattle, shake or appear broken – it sends out the wrong vibe!
  5. Bathrooms can usually benefit from a freshen up with new sealant and cleaning the grout between the tiles. Ensure there is no sign of mould anywhere.
  6. Clear up the garden, tidy, weed and mow the lawn if you have one at least. Make sure your property is tidy at both the back and front. Even if it’s a courtyard style area it needs to have kerb appeal!

Creating a space for your prospective buyers to actually feel there is plenty of room is as key as the furniture itself.

Rachel Davies

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Rachel Davies works throughout Devon and Cornwall to provide home staging for houses that need staging for sale. A background in interior design and design management gives her the edge on other home staging companies. She is a degree qualified interior designer and also a qualified project manager.

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