Traditional Style and Contemporary Elegance with Oak

Solid Oak Internal Doors …are not just for cottages

Contemporary Oak Door
Contemporary Oak Door from The Heritage Collection

Solid oak internal doors certainly complement a traditional cottage interior. However, as with any product, their ability to make a distinctive contribution to the ambiance of any interior is one of the hallmarks of that quality.Solid Oak Doors are a design classic that have continued to evolve. Contemporary designs, made with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as traditional designs simply add a new range of style options to the original concept. This just extends the contexts in which they look good. Traditional manufacturing methods married with modern designs have seen an increase in the number of contemporary oak doors available in the market which now allows for quality doors to be installed no matter what style interior you have.

Class is Permanent

Solid oak internal doors offer unrivalled quality. Hand built to order, solid oak doors fashioned by craftsman will last for centuries. The traditional reputation oak wood enjoys is due in no small part to its ability to convey an air of stability and permanence within any interior. Modern designs have added greater tactile elegance and flexibility to these traditional qualities. It is now possible to purchase a solid oak internal door to complement any interior setting

Style and Versatility

Solid oak internal doors often look attractive as they are but al lend themselves to a whole host of finishes. The oak can be stained in a range of oil finishes from clear oak through to dark oak (ebony). This can be a useful way to get oak doors to blend in with other furnishings. Of course, a good paint finish will achieve a similarly good blend. Oak doors can also be extensively customised by adding suitable handles and latches, glazing panels, mouldings and bracings to suit the demands of different interiors.

A Solid Investment

Solid oak internal doors are rarely the cheapest option, but their deserved reputation for durability

and long life means they are a wise long-term purchase. Oak doors can be energy efficient too; a solid wood door is a good insulator and will help stabilise room temperatures all year round whilst also helping to reduce heating bills by keeping warm air exactly where you intend it to stay.

A Thing of Beauty

Heritage Solid Oak Door
Heritage Solid Oak Door from The Heritage Collection

Above all, the sheer beauty and character of an oak finish must remain the most appealing feature of solid oak internal doors. Whether it is the timeless & quality appearance of a cottage interior, or the sheen and minimalist finish of a contemporary design, oak has the matchless abil

ity to make that definitive statement of class and character.

This piece was written by Liam Pettinger, writer for The Heritage Collection an online shop specialising in solid oak flooring, doors and stair parts.

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  1. Totally agreed! Oak is an excellent choice for doors and flooring but it is always unrated. Thanks for providing these insights on oak. It must be a part of contemporary design too.

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