Pinterest Anyone?

Source: via Karla on Pinterest

This is the social media site of 2012 for anyone in the design world to get involved with right now. It works like a giant mood board and you can simply “pin” any image you find from anywhere on the internet to it in your own tailor made collections or “albums”. You can follow people that you like the albums of – or you can simply “like” or “comment” on individual images known as “pins”. Have a look and follow my pins by clicking the red button above all my other social media icons on the top right here! If you want an invite to Pinterest because you can’t wait to get on there (there is a waiting list that takes a couple of days) then send me an email and I’ll invite you!

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

About Rachel

Rachel Davies works throughout Devon and Cornwall to provide home staging for houses that need staging for sale. A background in interior design and design management gives her the edge on other home staging companies. She is a degree qualified interior designer and also a qualified project manager.

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