Create Your Own Home Spa

What needs to be considered when you create your own spa?

First you need to think about what space you have and what will realistically fit.  If space is not an issue then a pool is a must! As well as a lap pool you may want to consider your heat experiences. These can be quite space hungry when it comes to provision of plant for your steam room for example or for a vitality pool with water features and jets which need pumps and filters and so on.

Next you probably want to think about your whole spa journey so that means somewhere for you to change and shower, access to your heat treatments, your treatment room and finally your relaxation area.

Lighting is key to setting the mood in each area and is something your designer will want to consider with you when creating  your spa ambience.

Your designer can guide you through the plumbing, drainage and electrical needs for each area.

Also you should ensure provision for adequate storage of towels and products. Your spa treatment room will also need to house any equipment your spa therapist will be using regularly. A basin is needed by your therapist as well as the specialist treatment couch.  If you want to be able to have full body wraps and treatments such as this you may want to think about having a shower located within your treatment room too.

For manicures a desk height table and comfortable seating will be needed and for pedicures you will need to be seated comfortably so that your therapist is also comfortable working on your feet, possibly on a stool. A stylish raised chair on a platform is one way to achieve this which is much prettier than standard solutions on the market from spa retailers.

Your spa designer can guide you through the intricacies of designing a home spa that fulfils you personal needs, and is not only aesthetically appealing but is modelled to run smoothly to ensure your spa experience is first class!

Interior Designer Rachel Davies   trained with world leading 5 star hotel spa designers ESPA International before setting up her freelance business Spinriver Design in 2009 in Cornwall then moving to Exeter. She now works in the UK and Europe to design unique modern homes.

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Rachel Davies works throughout Devon and Cornwall to provide home staging for houses that need staging for sale. A background in interior design and design management gives her the edge on other home staging companies. She is a degree qualified interior designer and also a qualified project manager.

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