Sustainble home shopping with Bower Collective products

Reduce Plastic Use at Home – in 1 Easy Step!

Sustainable home products for 2020
Find your one stop shop for reducing plastic in your home

Reduce plastic waste in your home

If you are looking to reduce plastic waste in your home you are in the right place . Save yourself the stress of trailing around the shops in queues or hours or research on different websites for sustainable home products.

With one easy step you can do the following:

Find easily refillable cleaning products with a simple system that are eco-conscious and sustainable. Sustainable in that they don’t damage the earth and mean you don’t need to travel to a shop to buy them!

Save time and refill easily

Time is short so I’ll get to the point for what you can get in one simple step.

  1. Cleaning products for your home and a simple to system which means you won’t run out
  2. Skin care products with a simple to use system which means you won’t run out
  3. Bathroom and dental hygiene products with a simple to use system – you guessed it …never run out of toilet roll again! : )
Bower Collective washing up liquid with clear glass dispenser

Shop online with Bower Collective

So what is the solution – it’s a collective of brands under one online shop called Bower Collective.

The Bower Collective – find cleaning products and spray or pump dispensers in glass or PET for your cleaning needs. Find handsoap, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, laundry powder and much more.

Shop Bower Collective and reduce plastic waste

Discover skincare from favourites such as Neal’s Yard and Burts Bees plus other eco brands.

Get eco bamboo toothbrushes, toothpaste and even electric toothbrush replacements here too.

Never run out with their system which you can set for your own frequency of delivery online. With their unique system you receive your refill pouches that are UV sterilised (UV light is renown for killing most viruses)… Then they are refilled with product and you send back in the prepay box! So simple!

To see some of the other products which I haven’t even covered here yet then watch my unboxing video here:

If you want to go straight to the shop just click here to browse the products and choose your delivery frequency if you prefer the convenience!

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