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Luxury Window Treatments for Hotels or Holiday Homes

pinch pleat heading to curtain with button detail
Pinch pleat heading to curtain with button detail

When choosing fabrics for your hotel or holiday home curtains or blinds it is really important to understand the performance requirements with regards to fire ratings before you start. There is no blanket rule such as all holiday homes have to be FR inherent as each location has unique requirements. The onus is on the business owner or the legally designated “responsible person” to ensure that the correct fabric is used, so you do this through carrying out your own Risk Assessment (and indeed all other fabrics such as upholstery and bedding). It is best to seek the advice of your local Fire Officer trained to know this complicated and technical information, they will be happy to advise you for free. They will advise not only on soft furnishings but on all aspects of fire safety such as keys, smoke alarms, furniture. They are able to visit your hotel or holiday home and offer their judgement of what is needed for each particular area. For example there may be different requirements dependent on the volume of visitors, size of the building and other factors. They can guide you if you need to use a Fire Resistant fabric or not. Then there are two types of fire resistant fabrics – those which are inherently FR by their nature not flammable such as Trevira and those which need to be treated to become FR. Be aware that FR treatment adds to lead times and also washes out gradually so your curtains may need treating again in future. Also be aware that not all fabrics are FR treatable so you or your designer need to check this when specifying too. If you need an easily washed fabric that is machine wash you will also have to consider this. Having more restrictions on being FR inherent and washable will reduce your options on fabric designs and colours.

Spinriver Design are experienced in sourcing luxury fabrics to the highest and most stringent standards for fire and ease of care so if you are finding it a minefield why not save yourself some time and pick up the phone, we are happy to liaise with the Fire Officer on your behalf here in Cornwall if you are not in the vicinity. We supply a range of beautiful fabrics for a complete range of budgets and know where to look for that contemporary coastal or country look you want to achieve for your hotel or seaside holiday home. We can also advise on types of window treatments for particular rooms and arrange custom design of curtains and headboards which may need to be to a higher “Crib5” fire testing rating.

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