Interior Design Scheme Tips


When people are putting together a room, there seems to be a tendency for people to empty the room and pick a paint colour that they like to start with.  I would strongly advise against this if you are using new furniture and fabrics. The reason for this is that this is the element that is easiest to change. This means once you have found the more difficult elements where you have less choice of colour or finish such as fabrics – particularly for a contract environment such as a hotel then you are best to pick your paint colour last as this can adapt to your requirements to co-ordinate and bring out the best of your accent colours and with the rest of your scheme.  If you are wondering why contract environments are tricker it’s because you need to ensure that you have your technical requirements fully understood in terms of fire regulations (Part B of the Building Regulations the building code in the UK) in particular. Certain fabrics are needed for headboards for example which conform to a fire standard called “Crib5” whereas curtains may need to be “FR” or Fire Resistant.  This is one of the reasons a professional interior designer will save you money as they save you a lot of time in sourcing the correct fabric from the vast array that appears to be available at first glance!

Using colour is another area I find many people struggle with.  There is in fact a science to colour so it can be “learnt” but some people just tend to have an eye for what will work.

If you need help with a scheme in Cornwall or Devon I offer a free initial consultation where I come and discuss your project no matter how small or large (and on large projects the sooner the better usually saves you money from changes down the line – get in a designer at your planning stage). I discuss your needs and then produce a written brief detailing what you need doing in a structured clear way so that you can make a really informed decision if I am the right designer for you. I can produce a single room scheme that you can roll out to many different rooms or I can individually produce schemes for every room. I also supply contract fabrics and furniture.

Call me, Rachel on 07590 530806 or leave a comment below if you have a subject you would like me to blog about.


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